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12 Steps to Abundant Living


Spiritual Recovery WritingTo “work the steps” the first time shows,
How far I have yet to go.
But, without the Lord walking me through
There isn’t much I can do.

With Him, is where I can be strong,
To really look at what is wrong.
And to realize how far I’ve come,
The “pit” He delivered me out from.

Step One, I realize the power I lack,
To get “the monkey” off my back.
It took the work on Step Two,
To know this is something I can’t do.

Step Three requires giving up control,
Turning over my life and soul
To my Lord who knows it all
With Him, I can tear down my wall.

Step Four is one that’s hard for me,
My character defects, I have to see,
My strengths I have to look at too,
With Jesus, this step, I’ll get through.

Step Five, I take my list from step four,
And reveal myself, down to the core.
To God, myself and someone I trust,
For healing this confession is a must.

Step Six to be willing from within
To let go of my defects and sin.
Step Seven; God, my mind renew,
Transform me to be like You.

Step Eight, I list those I’ve hurt,
And I pray not to feel like dirt.
Again, I need a willing heart,
To make amends and do my part.

I make direct amends to those people in Step Nine
After I do, I really feel Christ’s love shine.
Another personal inventory is Step Ten,
I feel like I’m doing step four again.

Step Eleven, I make Jesus my best friend
Pray for His will and strength to send
Step Twelve, I’m on fire to spread the news
So that others can experience Him too.

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