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One of my favorite places I’ve found is Sedona, AZ; here’s why:

It’s a highly spiritual place. You can’t go to Sedona and say there is no God. When I’m there and I see sky that is the bluest sky I could ever imagine and these huge red rock mountains contrasted with that blue sky and lush green trees, it’s beautiful. The rocks are red, the mountains are red, the dirt is red and the concrete sidewalks are red. If you find a small rock and pick it up and look at it in your hand you will see it sparkles in the sunlight. You can see it in the concrete – it sparkles as well.

Layered in some of the red mountains there are white stripes. When I go on my morning hikes and I walk back in, whether I’m going up to this wide scenic view you can’t imagine until you get there; or I’m going around, or down or in and through wilderness there comes a point on that hike where I can’t see any sign of mankind. I can’t see the road or the houses and I always stop and I look around and I thank God. I breathe the air and I know beyond a doubt that there is a God and He is awesome and loving and very creative. And He’s a giver; He’s a showoff, He wants to show me the beautiful things He can create. It’s almost like He’s saying to me “you think this is good? Just wait. Just wait until you see some of the other things I’m going to show you. You think you like red concrete?  Wait until you see golden asphalt.”  I stand there and I breathe and I know God is there and I feel surrounded by beauty and surrounded by Jesus, the Creator of that beauty. I feel embraced by Jesus, by God, by my Abba Father who is so loving. It’s as if He’s telling me He created all of this for me; for my enjoyment; and enjoy I do!  If I could live there, I’d be there now.

My advice to you my friends is if you have never been there you must put it on your bucket list. Take my word, you won’t be disappointed and you will experience God in a fresh, new, inviting and exciting way.

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