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Birthday Blessing


Christian Writing MinistryAs you’re sitting there in your cell,
You could think it’s your private hell,
Looking at the window, seeing only bars,
Or look at the same window and see the stars.

Now, it’s your birthday, and they’re tough enough,
Without having to deal with all of this stuff.
I know God is working in your soul,
To heal and make you spiritually whole.

Tenderly and gently allow Him to touch you,
Let His love and powerful Spirit come pouring through,
To saturate your being to the core,
As you honor and worship the Lord.

For your birthday, this blessing I pray,
On Jesus’ lap, you spend your day.
Knowing you are His precious child,
And his love for you, makes Him smile.

In this love, let yourself rest,
In you, Jesus always sees the best.
Your sins are forgiven and forgotten
His mercy and grace cannot be bought en

Rejoice! You’re a new person in Christ,
This transformation lasts for life,
The ways of old are in the past,
Your new ways are what’s gonna last.

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