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Celebrating Kim


We will thank you with all of our days,
You have blessed us in so many ways.
You’ve fulfilled all of our needs,
And helped us to plant many seeds.

The Youth Group is growing so strong,
Kim, with your anointing it won’t be long.
An army full of power and might,
Going forth to shine God’s light.

Through the darkness, they act as a beacon,
Guiding the way to those who are seeking.
Kim you play the role of their earthly shepherd,
With counseling, love and feeding the word.

You help them with spiritual maturity,
Stretching and challenging them to see,
All they can with spiritual eyes,
To shake off falsehoods and the lies.

We’re thankful you’ve blessed us in this way,
We join together on this special day.
To celebrate our love for you, Kim
And the wonderful gift to us you’ve been.

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