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I’m a day dreamer, I admit it. I love to dream, plan and look forward to things. One of my favorite things to dream about in the last 20 years has been where to move when I retire. It started with Virginia, MN or Vermilion and if I could I’d go south; maybe Texas for the winter.  Next I became a Christian and wanted to move to St Louis to work for Joyce Meyer and live there. I visited my Aunt Elsie for the first time in 1997 in Sun City, AZ and my focus changed. I was going to move there! I almost made it there but God kept stopping me.

My husband and I realized that AZ isn’t for us unless we could be snowbirds so we got interested in Boise, ID or Bend, OR. Bend we can’t really afford and Boise has hot temperatures for extended periods in the summer. So, not a good idea.

We just returned from a vacation in Austria and Slovenia and while we were away I had an epiphany. I guess I’m finally old enough to know what I want or maybe I was just open to what God had to show me; I don’t know. I realized that all these years when my thoughts were about weather; I was very wrong. I was so focused on seasons, temperature, humidity and dew point I didn’t see what it was I really needed to be happy. I was looking at external things; environment. Now, I realize it’s not about that, it’s about the inner things like peace, calm, a slower pace and less hectic. Being around people I know and love.

I’m grateful; God not only opens doors but He shuts them too.

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