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God’s Presence

line God’s Presence

Where are I and God in relation to each other right now?

This is the question that was presented to our women’s morning group today. The way I answered is:

I know God is near, yet I don’t feel or hear Him.

I’m not really doing my part…I ask for a heart that desires and craves His word, yet I don’t pick up my Bible very often (once/week other than Sunday).

I notice my prayer time is mostly “thank you” and requests. I don’t really talk to Him all day as once I did.

I am pumping sermons into my head as not before though. (3/day)
I do want to walk every step with Jesus. I notice I’m changing; I pray more for people that I criticize first (drivers etc.)

He’s there and I’m there, maybe it’s just the “feeling” that is not so strong. (Feelings are fickle…) I think I need structure with study.

Then after the speaker taught some more, the next time for us to think and talk to God and journal about was:
Where do I experience God? How does that feel?

The way I answered is:

I just realized that all I wrote on the previous question is NOT TRUE!!! God is here! We are close! I was longing for the honeymoon that we had before (Grace Church era), but I will not get that! God and I are maturing in our relationship and just like a marriage, it gets more comfortable, the giddiness is gone but the love and presence in each other’s being is deeper!

I just went through the lump on my breast thing and I KNOW that God was there, and I was present to Him and He was present to me the entire time. From the time I first found out and up to and the actual Dr appt itself.

God is with me, we do communicate and we are intimate! I’m not worried, anxious or lonely in my new retirement because in it all I am present with God. I am not as critical with people because God is present to me! It’s just different.

Thank you Jesus! What a blessing! I see you in so many places: outside, in animals, weather, trees, my husband, music, getting parking places, etc.

Being in God’s presence feels like home to me, it is so comfortable and ordinary in my life that I now am so used to it I thought it wasn’t there, just because it wasn’t this elated, joyful, bubbly thing (like new love is—Honeymoon), it’s not gone or far off, it is just deeper and part of me!


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