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God’s Puppet


Christian Writing Ministry“I surrender all” is what I sing
But am I willing to be God’s puppet on a string?
To let go of all my fear and to trust,
To be obedient to the Spirit, it’s a must.

Months ago, on the altar, I put my shoes.
To signify that what He says, I will do.
Since then, my life has not been the same,
I’m no longer playing that old fleshly game.

The Lord is continually working with me,
Floating things to the surface for me to see.
Then we work on the issues together,
My character defects, He helps me to sever.

He’s pouring out the old and filling me with the new,
The pain that accompanies it, He helps me with that too.
He’s truly my Master with a plan for my life
To ease my burdens and rid me of strife.

My sins are gone, as far as the east is to the west,
In my Heavenly Father’s arms, I have finally found rest.
I’m dying to self, becoming a new creature in Christ
Because before He knew me, He died to pay the price.

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