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Goodbye to Friends


Christian Writing MinistryOver four years ago, I was such a mess,
I thought I couldn’t be anything less.
The bottom is where I seemed to be,
That’s where I was when you met me.

You let me in, you showed me grace,
I learned my life was not a waste.
You taught me to boldly approach God’s throne,
And give Christ inside of me a home.

Since then, I’ve never been the same
I learned my life was not in vain.
Where I am weak, He is strong,
I follow Him, I can’t go wrong.

You openly listened, you were always there,
Anytime I needed friends to share
My joys, confusion or turmoil,
You were friends that were always loyal.

Now it’s time to say goodbye
It’s hard for me, but I will try
To express in words how I feel for you,
Friends like you are ever true.

God has put a call on your heart,
Your answer has meant a new start.
I love you and I send you my prayer,
That God will keep you in His care.

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