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Hard Times Make Me Humble


Christian Writing MinistryFor every one mile of road; the ditch equals two
Jesus, I’m grateful I’m on the road with You.
When I lose focus and drift to the side
Your gentle nudging is my guide

Many times I was in desperate need
And still; Your nudge, I didn’t heed
In the ditch, the price I paid
For following the plans I‘d made

When I had enough; I’d cry out to You
You were always there to see me through
You’d reach down and get me on my feet
With mercy and love we again would meet

In the ditch I learned important lessons
To seek You for answers and to listen
To obey and trust You to safely lead me
As we maneuver through my life’s journey

You don’t promise a bump free road
You promise to help carry my load
And to comfort me when I stumble
For hard times are what make me humble

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