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He Still Can Move a Stone


Christian writing ministryEaster 1997, what does it mean to me?
Two thousand years ago, Jesus died to set me free.
God in human form crucified on the cross,
The blood of the Lamb shed for me, was the cost.

God sent His Son to die, so we could live,
This is the ultimate gift He could give.
Why did He do this I sometimes wonder?
So we’d no longer have “the law” to live under.

We have free will, we’re given a choice,
We have thoughts, decisions and opinions to voice.
We’re given life or death to choose,
One we win, the other – we lose.

Things were made simple when Jesus came,
We’re now saved by grace, not the works we claim.
He gave a new commandment that was simply to love,
Our neighbor as ourselves and with everything God above.

He died a death like that of a thief,
His mother and John watched in their grief.
They laid Him in a rich man’s grave,
So all us sinners could be saved.

And with His resurrection, Jesus went home,
To sit with God on the right hand of the throne.
Throughout this land He wants it to be known,
Trust Him with our lives, He still can move a stone.

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