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A few days ago I broke down crying on the way to my sister’s house to see my family. I was thinking about how holidays were a few years ago when Mom was alive and how different they are now. We’re trying to learn how to be a family and it’s hard. Our family dynamics are different.

I remembered being a kid and celebrating holidays with my aunt, uncle and cousins either at their house, Grandma’s or ours. When we got older and Grandma died things changed; we didn’t see our cousins, aunt and uncle much anymore. We both just celebrated holidays with our immediate family.

It feels as though it’s happening again; Mom was the glue and she held us all together. Our family is growing, both of my sisters have their own families and my nieces have their own. It’s hard for all of us to get together and more and more I find that holidays are being celebrated with individual immediate families.

I missed Mom so much that it made me weak, I had no strength. I grieved and cried. After a while, I realized that I will see Mom, Dad, Grandma, Aunt Elsie and everyone again someday on the other side of the veil. Thinking about it gave me peace, because I have hope. What a blessing and a glorious gift hope is!

That same evening at church our Pastor’s message was about hope. It’s the beginning of advent and as a church body we are remembering and longing and filled with hope.

My prayer for you is that today and every day you can tap into the gift of hope and experience peace. It’s right there available for you.

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