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In the Blink of An Eye


Christian Writing MinistryOne of my favorite songs, is “In the Blink of an Eye” by MercyMe. Lately I’ve been thinking about how things happen just that way…in the blink of an eye. Hurricane Katrina is so fresh. I ponder about how drastically the lives of the people in that area have changed. How drastically the United States has changed because of Katrina, we’ve all been impacted. Blink of an eye….Tsunami and September 11th are other “blinks”. There are so many things that happen so very fast and the impact is great, and the recovery is lengthy.

This led me to thinking about how each and every one of us have “blinks” in our lives. The death of a loved one, divorce, job loss, diagnosis of a deadly disease, car crash, or stroke; the list goes on and on. Seems to me “blinks” are usually not something we would choose and they are not what we consider positive events in our lives.

I’ve had my share of blinks, I just recovered from a huge one. I’m on the other side of it now, but I still carry some remnants…shrapnel if you will. It shows up every so often as a shadow of anger, bitterness and unforgiveness that I carry with me.

This blink was caused by me, just as many are. One bad decision, action or behavior can cause something to happen that will take years to recover from. My bad behavior led to the loss of my job. But God used it for my good and His Glory. He took a jack hammer and removed everything left in my life that I was counting, trusting, and depending on instead of Him: my boyfriend, money, security, and identity. I carried shame and was very isolated. This isolation worked for my good however, I had no one in my life but God, I was isolated with God.

During that time, I made a choice to allow God to work with me. It’s hard to climb up on the operating table and allow things to get cut out. But, I am so glad I did. I got closer to God and began to know Him in a new and fresh way, He is my provider, He knows my name, He created me before the world was formed and He knows me, He loves me and I am His. God is a God of restoration and He has restored my job, my retirement, He gave me a husband and a home. I praise Him for all of His gifts and blessings to me.

This world is temporary and I want to live an intentional life, choosing the right choices, consistently walking with my Lord. God has promised us in the Bible that there will be another blink for us and this one is going to be amazing. It’s when Jesus comes back for the saints and we meet Him in the clouds…in the blink of an eye.


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