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Jesus in the Skin


Christian Writing MinistryThe love of God and His grace
Is so evident on your face.
I feel it washing over me,
It’s there for everyone to see.

You truly have a Christ-like glow,
In you and through you, it does flow.
It shows in your servant’s heart
Your willingness to take a part.

You’re there for me and see me through
You accept me no matter what I do.
You’re patient and you’re so kind,
You give and never seem to mind.

The abundance of unconditional love,
Is truly a gift from God above,
Sometimes it’s hard for me to believe.
That it’s really for me and to receive.

You’ve shown me Jesus in the skin,
Now the battle I know I can win.
To others I now can show
The Savior that I’ve come to know.

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