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I’m sitting in front of a campfire and thinking about all the people in my life who invested in me. Most were simple ways, teaching me things I didn’t learn in school; like how to build a campfire, fish, grill and camp. Others taught me how to love; some taught how to love badly. But from each one of them I learned and I grew. Some were fleeting, they came in and out of my life for a season, others were there for the long haul, some are still around. When I was ready, some expanded on the lessons of others. I believe everyone came into my life for a reason, maybe I taught them something too.

There were some things I had to do myself, I had to learn them in my own way and navigate through them alone, like grief, self acceptance, personal boundaries, core values and beliefs. Through these times I had people who stood by me to support me, cheer me on and give me someone to hold on to. I am grateful.

When I was in my 20s I remember saying what I wanted most was to be done learning lessons. I disagree with that now, I want to keep learning and growing, becoming a better version of me. I also want to invest in others, even if it’s in small ways.

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