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Lives Transformed


I praise You Lord that I can seeChristian Writing Ministry,
The works You’re doing all around me.
The peace and joy on people’s face,
That tells me they’ve received Your grace.

The healing love You freely bestow,
Allows life transformation to show.
The Holy Spirit’s power within,
Gives a new heart, free from sin.

We look at the world with Spirit eyes,
Living by truth, not by lies.
A new creature with a renewed mind,
Life with a purpose, not walking blind.

You give believers a new life story,
Full of Your grace, blessings and glory.
Your mercy is brand new every day,
With loving kindness You show the way.

You want us to be spiritually bold,
Willing and able for You to mold.
Shape us into the form You want us to be,
Bond servants, ever faithful unto Thee.

Instill in us a passion for You,
A hunger that lasts all our life through,
So we will give You honor and praise,
That lasts throughout the rest of our days.

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