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Sometimes I wonder what life’s about
Sometimes I have answers, other times I doubt.
God’s been showing me the masks I wear,
I wonder if underneath, anyone is there.

These masks have been part of me for many seasons,
I have different ones for different reasons.
I discovered them slowly – one at a time,
Found a comfortable fit and made them mine.

I wonder about the mask of pride,
If it really keeps me safe inside.
The mask of confidence – I seem so bold,
My insecurities don’t need to unfold.

The mask of coldness that I wear
Makes me look like I don’t care.
Then there’s the mask of the clown,
I wear that one when I feel down.

Some call these my coping skills
You may call them what you will.
Out of woundedness they were born,
And without them I feel torn.

I don’t know how to act or be,
Without these masks defining me.
They’ve been me such a long time,
It’s hard to tell what’s really mine.

I use them to feel accepted,
But in reality, I’m being rejected.
The acceptance that is shown to me,
Is for the me I pretend to be.

The masks must be put aside,
The real me can no longer hide.
In living falsely, peace isn’t found,
Only in truth does love abound.

We find love and truth when God is near,
Standing in His glorious atmosphere.
Seeking Him through His word, praise and prayer,
Brings the awareness that God is always there.

From glory to glory He’s changing me,
Soon the world will only see,
The me I was created to be,
As Christ gets formed in me.

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