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My Battle Belongs to the Lord


Christian Writing MinistryLord, since I gave my life to You,
Living has been much more fun.
My heartaches have been few,
But they certainly are not done.

Whenever I don’t know what to do,
I stand still with my eyes on You.
For You have said “Be not afraid,
and my child, be not dismayed.”

I’ll need no weapon nor a sword,
for my battles belong to the Lord.
You never promised I’d be pain free,
Only that You would fight for me.

The part of the battle for me to do,
Is to sing praises and worship You.
Lifting holy hands for Your amazing grace,
Praying to You on my knees and on my face.

Heal my wounds and turn them to seed
Use me to help others in need
I pray that my seeds as they grow
Will reflect the blessings You bestow.

Jesus, please don’t waste my strife,
Jesus, please don’t waste my pain
Use them so I’ll know my life
Has not been lived in vain.

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