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My Bridegroom


Christian writing ministryLord, I pray that I could see,
What You’re giving me for a ministry.
There are many things that I can do,
But I can do nothing without You.

You’re my strength and my security,
You call me to a life of purity.
The work I do for You alone,
Is all that matters when You call me home.

You are my bridegroom, I am Your bride,
Completely in You, I will forever abide.
You love me, You care, You hold me in Your hand,
You gave me Your Spirit, as I walk thru this land.

You gave me riches and treasurers unknown,
Delivered me from the way I was going,
You gave me new life, the changes in me,
Are so evident for all to see.

Take my vanity, take my pride,
Everything I need, You provide.
Keep me focused, keep me clean,
All my sins, You redeem.

I am truly a brand new creature,
You are my guide and my teacher.
Work with me so I can be
All it is You want from me.

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