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My Love Letter to Jesus



Christian Writing MinistryI love you like no other! I treasure Your creation – the sunset I’m watching across the frozen lake is so awesome. But, it doesn’t even compare to You. You’ve done so many wonderful things for me. I will serve You with all of my days. You loved me when I felt I was unlovable, You cared for me and protected me when I thought no one did, or would. When I was at my lowest, feeling like the biggest failure, You thought I was precious and beautiful. It seems everyone I knew had betrayed me and abandoned me at some point, but You never did. You were there waiting for me to love You all those years that I wanted nothing to do with You. And, when I returned, You welcomed me back with open arms! I’m continually amazed and blessed at your forgiveness, compassion and mercy. I love You with all my heart. All my everything – I give to You.

The sun is setting now and the colors are beyond description. I’ve always felt You the most in nature. The beauty, the colors, the sounds and smells. It’s all a beautiful, wonderful miracle. The wildlife is so unique, the deer, so gentle, the eagle, so strong and free. Jesus, I know I’m far more worthy and valuable to You than the animals and You take such good, loving care of them. Lord, I want to live a life like Jesus did on earth. I want to walk in love.

I thank You, praise You and worship You. I thank you for loving me and for allowing me to feel Your presence surrounding me. Bless You Lord; bless you friend, and forever I am grateful. Bless You King, bless you Savior, bless You lover of my soul.

You have loved me with a love like no other. I’m grateful, joyful—the feelings and emotions are beyond words. I love being married to You. You are always there for me.

The sun is gone, but the colors remain, blaze orange, rose and pink through the sky and clouds. WOW! To share a sunset in Your presence is so pleasing.

Thank You for the passion and hunger that You’ve given me for You. I truly feel special that You’ve chosen me! You’ve chosen to bless me with really great gifts! The ministry of poem writing blows me away! I don’t know why You chose me for that, and I quit trying to figure it out, I just enjoy it and all the rest You’ve blessed me with. The gift of an encourager, leader and administration. Wow! I’m excited to see where You’re going to take me. I’m thrilled to be growing with You and in You. You continually surprise me with Your wonderful blessings and kindness.

Thanks for the sacrifice You made on the cross for ME! I will be a living sacrifice for You. Use me, as You will.

I’m anticipating a wonderful journey and I know You’ll be there for it all and if I fall, You’ll pick me up, hold me, comfort me and direct my path and make it smooth. You’ve given me such wonderful promises and I claim them all.

I know You’ll put spiritual friends in my life of your choosing and a mentor as well. Train me to encourage and mentor others in the future to help others to be spiritually strong and mature.

With all my love, heart, soul, body, mind and emotions.

I’m yours!

Love Deb


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