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New Life


In the air, there’s a feeling of spring,
A time when every living thing
Seems to awaken to new life and beauty
I’m feeling the same is true for me.

Christian Writing MinistryThe road I’m on has been long,
But the journey made me strong
I see the end now in sight
I again, draw on Your might.

I take comfort in Your love,
And ask You to give me a shove
The change You’re prompting me to make,
Is a step I don’t want to take.

In my flesh, it seems so hard,
My heart feels tattered and scarred,
I want to protect it from further pain,
Even though I know, new life I’ll gain

Take my hand and come with me,
From this bondage, You’ll set me free,
Your healing hands will bind my pain,
With You, I’ll stand and remain

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