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New Year’s Cry


Hear my cry, hear my plea,
This New Year, Jesus please change me.Christian Writing Ministry
For I still hurt too easily,
And I have pain, that no one sees.

And so I beg you, hear my cry,
As I moan, grumble and sigh.
Take my ego, take my pride,
And change me from the inside.

This is my New Year’s prayer,
To always feel that You’re there.
Search me, change me, make me whole,
Restore my heart, my mind and soul.


*This was written in 1997 after a hard look at my life, my heart and my soul. Jesus was changing me but it was and still is, a long, hard process. It is a journey, one that I will be on for the rest of my life.

My words to you-the reader are: as the New Year approaches and you reflect on your life, notice how far you’ve come and focus on that, not how far you have yet to go. Know that as long as you keep looking forward and keep Jesus by your side, you will find strength for the journey.

This New Year 2002, I am again reflecting and realizing that I have much to be thankful for. I had another year to spend with my Mother-who is still in great health; I have a wonderful job, home and family. There are still many areas that I need help with, but I know that as I spend time in the presence of Jesus, He promises to transform me to be more and more like Him. I look forward to each day with my Lord.

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