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On the Anvil


You gave us a vision a while ago,
We didn’t have to say yes, we could’ve said no.
We know that everything You ask us to do,Christian Writing MInistry
You also provide strength to see us through.

We have a visionary Pastor whom You’ve anointed,
And the leaders You’ve sent our way, we’ve appointed.
It feels we’re living life on the anvil,
And it is all we can do to stand still.

As You mold, bend and shape us with Your fire,
Ever growing within us is a strong desire.
To jump off this anvil and get on our feet,
Gather the lost people for You to meet.

Lord, help us be patient, help us be kind,
All of this will come when it’s Your time.
Prepare us with Christ’s mind and a servant’s heart,
Each of us willing to carry our part.

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