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Power of Prayer

line Power of Prayer

I’m very fortunate to have grown up in a Christian home; it taught me the power of prayer. Even before I was born I had people who prayed for me. My mother had several miscarriages and a child that died a few hours after birth in the hospital. For those reasons, she was told she was unable to have children. When she found out she was pregnant with me she didn’t expect the pregnancy to go full term. I’m sure all of our family was praying for me in my mother’s womb. Those prayers were very effective because I was born healthy. For the last 15 years my aunt Elsie has reminded me every time I visited her that I’m a miracle.

I know my Grandma, Dad, Mom and Aunt prayed for me daily for my entire life.  I’m sure that’s why some things turned out the way they did. Looking back, I can see many times that I should have died but didn’t. I’m sure this protection was because of the prayer covering that I had over my life.  Now, I’m 52 and at the top of the family tree; I’m the oldest generation. One at a time, I’ve lost all of the four people that prayed daily for me throughout my lifetime.  I miss that; prayer is so valuable. It’s the most important thing one person can give to someone else.

Knowing the value and importance of prayer and being at the top of the tree I feel it’s my turn to provide this daily prayer for the younger generations in my family. The problem is I’m really bad at it, I’m trying but I’m not there yet.

So please, pray for those you love; pray for those you don’t love….just pray! Partner with God and see what kind of protection and miracles you can be part of. You just might be surprised!

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