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Rest For Your Soul


So often, we’re judged and measured by others,
Until we feel weighed down and smothered.Christian Writing MInistry
We accept the judgments and make them our own,
We try so hard, carrying our burdens alone.

We strive and struggle to bear our pain,
And end up feeling hopeless and insane.
We’re “bottomed out” and totally broken,
Before we accept the words He’s spoken.

“Come to me – all who are heavily ladened,
My yoke is easy, my burden is light
You will find rest for your soul
And I will bring you eternal life.”

“So cast your cares upon me,
I want you to be truly free.
Receive the love and grace I’ve given,
And know that you have been forgiven.”

Now go out and spread the word,
Share with others what you have heard.
Let my light shine through you,
So they can come to know me too.

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