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River of Living Water


Christian Writing MinistryO Lord You are worthy of our praise,
I observe Your creation and I’m amazed.
As dead as things might have seemed,
They are alive and turning green.

Trees are budding, flowers are blooming,
The sun is shining; it’s not so gloomy.
The birds and butterflies are here at last,
The long cold winter is in the past.
All around new life has sprung
A glorious season has begun

This is the way my life can go,
Some times are dormant, other times I grow.
Now is a time my spiritual life seems so dry,
I don’t even have the tears to cry.

I feel as though I’ve found my voice,
I am making a conscious choice,
To the river of living water, I bring my cup,
Knowing Jesus will fill it up.

He promises if I do my part,
And seek Him with all my heart.
I will find Him and there I can abide,
Always, forever, by His side.

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  1. Celina

    Thank you so much for this arlteic, it saved me time!


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