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I’m drawn to a life of simplicityChristian Writing Ministry
Yet I live here in the city.
I wonder; can the two co-exist?
Or by choosing one, is the other missed.

In the woods – surrounded by your creation
Your presence with me is a strong sensation
Your awesome beauty reflects in all I see
Your gentle voice whispers through the trees

I experience You in all I see, think and feel
And in that moment, there’s nothing more real.
I’ve been filled with Your Spirit – we are one
My wants and needs – have become none.

This awareness disappears at home in the city
Distracted with busyness and noise– what a pity
I hustle and bustle through my day
And in the evening look around and say

I didn’t see God – why wasn’t He here?
The truth is; He was very near
But I didn’t look and I didn’t see
I didn’t ask or listen and that’s the key

When things are quiet and simple I’m more aware
Of Jesus’ presence and always being there
Simple – that’s the life I’m called to lead
Jesus will supply all I want and need

Lord, help me with simplicity.

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