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Spiritual Infant


Sometimes someone comes along,Christian Writing Ministry
And takes us under their wing,
Encouraging us to grow and be strong,
Compassion and love they bring.

God speaks through them from above,
Fills them with His wisdom and love.
From this, I have learned to see,
That Jesus is the Savior for me.

To me, that person is you, Pastor Jack,
Keeping me focused on what I have, not lack.
You’re a shepherd of the flock,
Who helps me with my spiritual walk.

And so, my heart goes out to you,
You’ve done far more than you needed to.
With you, I can laugh, as well as cry,
You’re there with support without asking why.

I love you and thank you for what you’ve done,
Another soul for Christ has been won,
I’m a spiritual infant with lots of hope,
Knowing with all things, I can cope.

I respect and trust you to be my guide,
As I learn to walk on the spiritual side.
I’m excited about the journey I’m on,
In my heart, it feels like a song.

So, “Hat’s off to you”
And “Thumbs up” as well,
If I had one, I’d ring a bell.

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