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Broken Toe


One evening, I stubbed my little toe on the kitchen chair really hard. That night any time I moved my foot or the sheet brushed against my foot I’d wake up and heard myself moaning and  saying “Jesus” over and over. After waking several times I remembered I had 5 year old Tylenol 3’s, so I took one. I laid awake for 1/2 hour or so waiting for it to start working. I finally got some sleep.

The next day I started looking on-line for a Dr. appointment.  My husband asked: “what are you  doing…making a Dr appointment?” I interpreted what he said as “really? a Dr’s appointment??” I felt foolish and quit. He had broken his toe many years ago and just taped it together; “doctor’s can’t do anything about it” is what he told me.  So, I didn’t follow through with the appointment; even though I didn’t want to have another night like the night I just had.

For the next week I taped my toes together and tried not to walk much. I only had one pair of shoes (sandals) I could wear and that was only for an hour or two and then it was too much pain. I went barefoot mostly which wasn’t good either. One week later I was still limping, swollen and bruised. I realized I was making it worse and if I kept making it worse, how would it ever get better? We had plans to vacation in Ely in 4 days and I’d have to wear shoes, not just sandals.

I went to the Dr. and she checked it out, took an x-ray and yep, it was broken. So, I came out with taped up toes, pain meds, post-op shoe and orders to use ibuprofen, ice and elevate….yes! It’s going to get better!

I learned I need to go with what I think and feel and not interpret what I think others mean or think – just trust and go with my thoughts and feelings.

I’m learning how something as insignificant as a small toe can affect everything. It has a large influence for such a small body part. Just like me. I might be small and feel insignificant, be unseen (or feel that way) but I am very significant to Jesus and the Body of Christ. Most times I’m in the shadows, covered (like a toe in a shoe) but I’m important and I have influence. I’m small compared to creation but Jesus still loves me.

Broken Toe

One evening, I stubbed my little toe on the kitchen chair really hard. That night any...
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