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Faces of Love

Today my husband Bill needed help. He’s a wedding photographer and he was 15 minutes away from the venue to meet the bride and groom and he realized he had all of his equipment except for his camera bag. Pretty important for the task of the day. I was on the phone with him when he realized it and he thChristian Writing Ministryought he had to come back home and get it and that would make him very late. I immediately said, I’ll put on my shoes and meet you half way; I was out the door in less than 5 minutes. Well, I realized his schedule and told him forget meeting me half way, I’d bring it to the venue and he should continue and get there on time.

I had purchased a ticket to a movie that was to start at 11:30 and it was 11:00 when we were having this conversation. He had to meet his clients and the photographer who was going to help him at 11:15. He was concerned about me missing the movie. I was not.

He’s my husband. If I valued a movie more than him that would be very wrong. The only response that came to me was to help him the best way I could and deliver what he needed to the venue and let him be on time; not do something half way or not at all. In my mind there really wasn’t a choice to be made. It’s a privilege to help him when and if I can. He comes before everything in my life; except for God.

Bill was incredibly thankful that I would come all the way to the venue and help him. I loved it; because he’s not taking things for granted, he didn’t expect or require or demand that I help him. He was grateful. But to me; I wouldn’t have done it any other way. I was honored to be able to do it for him and I would have felt horrible if I he didn’t accept my offer to help or if I would’ve chosen something above him.

Love who you have in your life with everything you have because time is short, and love has a lot of faces to it and serving each other, helping in time of need; that’s one of the faces of love.

Faces of Love

Today my husband Bill needed help. He’s a wedding photographer and he was 15 minutes...
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