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True Wealth


To learn that there is more to meChristian Writing Ministry
Than the body in the mirror I see.
To love the person I am inside,
The one I always seem to hide.

My body outside will not change,
Until my thoughts are rearranged.
To love the me that God has made,
And not let that love be swayed.

I’m often swayed by what I weigh,
What I do, and what I say.
Realizing that I’m God’s masterpiece,
Allows self condemnation to cease.

He’s the potter and I’m the clay
He’s made me what I am today.
Everyone is beautiful in His eyes,
To think different is believing lies.

Junk is not what God makes
A new perspective is what it takes.
To see the beauty in myself,
Is what will bring true wealth.

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