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Where We Focus is How We Live


Christian Writing MinistryYesterday, at yoga we were doing a lot of balancing poses. I’ve learned to do several things to not lose my balance. The instructor usually reminds us to hold in our abdomen, shoulders back and down, glutes tight and ribs lifted. What the instructors don’t always tell you is it’s also really important what you focus on; that’s what helps me the most. I have to quit looking at myself in the mirror and focus instead on either an object in the lower part of the mirror or several feet in front of me on the floor. For some poses I may even need to find a focal point straight down or just a few feet in front of me on the floor.  Some instructors will challenge me to close my eyes while holding a pose. Wow! What a huge difference that makes! It throws me off balance every time.

Yesterday while I was doing this I realized this same thing happens in my life. If I’m focused too much on myself, others or the world I will lose my balance. If I close my eyes to myself, others and the world I will lose my balance. But, if I fix my gaze on Jesus I can stand tall, steady and sturdy; perfectly balanced.




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