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God has a Sense of Humor


God has a sense of humor. He gets me in the places I need to be by placing a variety of circumstances in front of me.

I was done with Physical Therapy for my shoulder but was still having pain. There were nights I’d sleep on the couch because it hurt too bad to sleep in bed. The couch allowed me to lean on the back of it which relieved my shoulder pain so I could sleep. I’d been getting massages for my shoulder and they seemed to help for a while but the pain would always return.

I started buying massage coupons for different places through Crowd Cut, Living Social and Groupon; most of them were $39 for an hour. The first coupon I used was for a massage at a Chiropractor’s office which included a wellness exam. I had my exam with Dr. Lindsey, a young, warm, friendly lady. She told me my neck doesn’t have the range of motion that it should. She said x-rays were included in the Living Social deal and asked if I wanted them. I said “sure, why not?” She took x-rays of my neck and my shoulder. She reviewed them with me and my shoulder turned out to be as we thought – no issues in the bone structure. However, my neck has 2 problems and if I do nothing these 2 issues will progress to be a herniated disc in one place and a bone fusion in another. She told me she can’t fix the damage that has already been done but she can prevent it from progressing any further. I agreed to treatment twice a week for 8 times and then taper down to 4 to 6 times a year for maintenance.

With the first treatment I noticed my neck felt better. I didn’t know I had an issue with my neck until I had something to compare it to, I guess. But something else happened with that first adjustment, my shoulder was much better. I was amazed! She wasn’t working on my shoulder but my neck. She explained that the muscle structure around my neck is affected by the adjustment and therefore my shoulder muscles are receiving some benefits as well. With each adjustment my shoulder got better and better. I’m able to do my physical therapy exercises better and am progressing much more quickly toward getting my strength back. The best part is I only experience occasional pain now; most of it’s discomfort more than anything.

I’ve never been to a Chiropractor before and wouldn’t have even thought of going to one. I didn’t know I needed work done to my neck and I didn’t think they could do anything about my shoulder. However, God knew and He knew how to get me there.  This is just one more positive thing that came out of my vacation accident. That accident gave me a shoulder injury which led me to physical therapy which led me to massage which led me to the Chiropractor which will lead to avoiding serious neck issues in the future. Amazing!

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